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The Unknown Benefits of Physical Exercise

Physical exercise plays an important role in mental well-being. Just like an apple keeps the doctor away, physical exercise keeps depression and anxiety away.

Here is how:

Anxiety and Stress

Exercise helps in reducing anxiety and stress levels. It boosts production of happy hormones mainly dopamine and endorphins, which indirectly boosts our mental health. Exercise also puts a check on release of cortisol which is a stress hormone.


Exercise definitely helps in fighting depression. It builds self confidence which keeps negative thoughts at bay.

Attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder

Exercise improves motor skills for children with ADHD. Even moderate exercises can help a lot in these cases.

Panic Attacks

Exercise can help in reducing the intensity of panic attacks. It also helps in releasing bottled up anxiety and stress which over time manifests into panic attacks.

Stronger Immunity

Exercise, if done regularly over a longer period of time boosts immunity. It helps to fight common illness. This is in turn reduces the chances of getting stress from physical ailments.

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