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A form of couple therapy that can help you and your partner prepare for marriage
Build a strong foundation for your marriage
Create a blueprint of your lives together
Discuss important issues ranging from children to finances
Identify potential conflict areas and equip you and your partner with tools to navigate them successfully


We offer a neutral space for both of you to openly discuss and plan the important aspects of married life.


Money can be a stressful and contentious issue for married couples, so deciding how to manage your finances in advance can help prevent problems down the road.

Family relationships

Premarital counselling can offer you a chance to be honest about your relationships with your own family as well as any concerns you have about your partner’s family.

Activities and time spent together

You and your partner can discuss how you plan to spend time together and what activities you enjoy doing together.

Beliefs, values, and religion

Sharing your beliefs, values, and religious sentiments with your partner can help foster better understanding and respect. You can also discuss the implications of these aspects on your daily life.


Couples sometimes realize after getting married that they are not on the same page about whether or not they want to have children. Deciding in advance whether or not you want to have kids and how you want to raise them is important.

Roles in the marriage

It’s important to discuss the roles you expect yourself and your partner to play in your marriage to prevent conflicts later on.

Benefits of Premarital Counselling

Premarital counselling helps identify core beliefs, set realistic expectations for marriage, plan for the future, and decide the ways in which your lives will be merged.

Learn constructive communication

A core aspect of premarital counselling is communication, as partners learn to convey their positions clearly without attacking or arming the other.

Focus on the positive aspects

Premarital counselling can help you and your partner focus on the positive aspects of your relationship rather than the negative.

Develop conflict resolution skills

Premarital counseling also teaches you and your partner problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills. Initially, communication often leads to conflict, but with time, couples can have more constructive discussions.

Build decision-making processes

Premarital counselling can help you and your partner develop healthy and equitable decision-making processes.

Eliminate dysfunctional behaviour

Premarital counselling can identify unhealthy behaviours and patterns in a relationship and help you correct them.

Alleviate fears related to marriage

If you or your partner are anxious about what married life will entail, premarital counselling can help you discuss important issues and give you some clarity.

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