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How to handle rejections at your office

Office/ workplaces are integral part of our lives. We always crave certain sense of belonging and offices are one of those places which can fulfil this desire. Often times it could be the case that we feel dejected due to something that occurred in office. If this is not taken care of it can lead to more serious problems like poor performance, degraded motivation and lack of responsibility. It is important to be mindful of what all can trigger this and how to cope.

Reasons why you might feel rejected at office:

  • Lack of promotions and appraisals

  • Favouritism towards others

  • No appreciation for your efforts and good work

  • Criticism from boss and co-workers

  • Lack of opportunities to take up exciting work

  • Credit stealing by co-workers

  • Difficulty in teaming up with co-workers due to different views and principles

  • Workplace politics


  • Don't let your worth go down: Rejection at workplace does not define your worth. Don't let it pull you down. Acknowledge the situation and take necessary actions.

  • Manage your emotions: Emotional outbursts are certainly not welcomed in offices. Find a way to vent out in a different environment.

  • Growth Mindset: Don't lose your focus from your vision. Keep working on your growth goals and take learning from the rejections.

  • Request Feedback: Checking in with your managers for feedback can give you insightful advice on where you are lacking in terms of appraisals and promotions. It also a way to voice your concerns to upper layer.

  • Take action: Do not let people opinions take you down. Report a problem if it has been playing with your mental health or learn from your past. Take constructive actions and with time you will grow,.

  • Be Mindful of your Ego: Don't let your ego cloud your judgement of rejections. Some rejections could be worthy of lessons, don't put up false images in your head so that you feel safe.

  • Be with the right people: Find similar mindset people, maybe even a mentor at workplace. Having people who support you can give you that belonging feel which is required in workplace.

  • Be respectful: Respect yourself and others at workplace. This will help you to create healthy boundaries with everyone.

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