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Don't let Anxiety Destroy your Relationships

Anxiety impacts emotional connection negatively

Anxiety causes unnecessary worry about things that might never happen. It makes you less aware of your present self, your needs and your partner needs. At times anxiety can overwhelm you so much that it leads to tension between you and your partner.

How to fix it: If you catch yourself getting anxious thinking about stuff that has not happened yet, pause yourself and recollect the facts and your present situation. Calm down before you act irrationally. Share openly when you’re feeling anxious, and talk to your partner instead of coping with unhealthy mechanisms.

Anxiety and enjoyment don't go hand in hand

Anxiety keeps us on our toes, it's like walking on egg shells even when nothing is wrong. In this state it is impossible to enjoy and positive moment. Our body is at constant stress which impacts our ability to be present in the relationship, henceforth diminishing the effects of any happy memories.

How to fix it: Try to calm down yourself, and look forward to living in present. Laugh with your partner, make happy memories. You would be surprised to see how therapeutic laughter can be.

Anxiety can make you selfish

Your worries and fears can put unnecessary pressure on your relationship. You might think that you are protecting yourself, but in reality you might be becoming cold hearted towards your partner. This leads to resentment and guilt which hampers the relationship.

How to fix it: When you notice yourself becoming defensive, pause to consider the compassion that you once had for yourself and your partner. It is better to ask for support than to indulge yourself in negative thinking.

Anxiety - the enemy of acceptance

Anxiety develops a sort of negative thinking pattern by which you stop taking part in activities which might be actually good for you. It also can stop you from taking healthy action to change things in your life that are hurting you because it makes you feel hopeless or stuck.

How to fix it: Instead of obsessing over negative thoughts try do take some action which eases your mind. Be present in your relationship, in whatever way you want to and show gratitude towards your partner.

Anxiety creates panic keeping you from expressing yourself

Anxious people usually have trouble expressing their true feelings. It is difficult to decide whether the thoughts warrant any immediate discussion or not. This can lead to hiding your true feelings from your partner. It also may be difficult to keep reasonable boundaries by asking for the attention or space that is needed.

If you don’t express what you truly feel, anxiety becomes stronger. If this is not kept in check, things can spiral down and eventually destroys the relationship.

How to fix it: Not every negative feeling can lead to catastrophe, neither it means that you should not talk about it to your partner. Be kind while talking to your partner so that it is you both vs problem and not you vs me match.

It is often a good idea to take external support when the negative things overwhelm your lives. Reach out to our couple therapy specialists to get rid of anxiety before it destroys your relationship.

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